views, viewing, viewed
1) N-COUNT: usu with supp, oft N on n, N that Your views on something are the beliefs or opinions that you have about it, for example whether you think it is good, bad, right, or wrong.

Washington and Moscow are believed to have similar views on Kashmir...

I take the view that she should be stopped as soon as possible...

My own view is absolutely clear. What I did was right...

You should also make your views known to your local MP.

2) N-SING: with supp, oft N of n Your view of a particular subject is the way that you understand and think about it.

The drama takes an idealistic, even a naive view of the subject...

The whole point was to get away from a Christian-centred view of religion...

In the old animistic world view, people believed that nature was organised by invisible souls.

3) VERB If you view something in a particular way, you think of it in that way.

[V n as n/-ing] First-generation Americans view the United States as a land of golden opportunity...

[V n with/in n] Abigail's mother Linda views her daughter's talent with a mixture of pride and worry...

[V n with/in n] Sectors in the economy can be viewed in a variety of ways...

[V n with adv] We would view favourably any sensible suggestion for maintaining the business.

4) N-COUNT The view from a window or high place is everything which can be seen from that place, especially when it is considered to be beautiful.

The view from our window was one of beautiful green countryside...

Each of the rooms has a superb view of Pissouri Bay.

5) N-SING: with supp, oft N of n, poss N If you have a view of something, you can see it.

He stood up to get a better view of the blackboard...

He stopped in the doorway, blocking her view.

6) N-UNCOUNT: in/into N You use view in expressions to do with being able to see something. For example, if something is in view, you can see it. If something is in full view of everyone, everyone can see it.

She was lying there in full view of anyone who walked by...

A group of riders came into view on the dirt road...

On South Main Street, a huge brick building looms into view.

7) VERB If you view something, you look at it for a particular purpose. [FORMAL]

[V n] They came back to view the house again...

[V n] Twenty-five thousand mourners passed to view the body.

8) VERB If you view a television programme, video, or film, you watch it. [FORMAL]

[V n] We have viewed the video recording of the incident...

[V-ing] `Elizabeth R', a TV portrait of the Queen, had record viewing figures.

9) PHRASE: v PHR, usu PHR of n If you take a dim view or a poor view of someone or something, you disapprove of them or have a low opinion of them.

They took a dim view of local trade unionists...

The judge took a dim view and I spent six years in prison.

10) PHRASE: PHR with cl You use in my view when you want to indicate that you are stating a personal opinion, which other people might not agree with.

In my view things won't change...

There is, in my view, a simple explanation...

It's not cheating in my view.

in my opinion
11) PHR-PREP: PREP n You use in view of when you are taking into consideration facts that have just been mentioned or are just about to be mentioned.

In view of the fact that Hobson was not a trained economist his achievements were remarkable...

In view of this, the decision may not be easy.

12) PHRASE: usu PHR after v If you have something in view, you are aware of it and your actions are aimed towards it.

They have very clear career aims in view...

Ackroyd worked out this whole plot with one objective in view.

in mind
13) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR of n If you take the long view, you consider what is likely to happen in the future over a long period, rather than thinking only about things that are going to happen soon.

Some investors are taking the long view...

Taking a long view of the project, I began to think in terms of the rehearsal schedules required.

14) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If something such as a work of art is on view, it is shown in public for people to look at.

A significant exhibition of contemporary sculpture will be on view at the Portland Gallery.

on show
15) PHRASE: PHR -ing/n If you do something with a view to doing something else, you do it because you hope it will result in that other thing being done.

He has called a meeting of all parties tomorrow, with a view to forming a national reconciliation government.

English dictionary. 2008.

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